Breakfast on us

The Comedor

The Comedor or dining area features batibot chairs and round tables to give the guests the feeling of dining in a by-gone era. The walls are accentuated by antique plateras and cabinets that are decorated with antique china coming from the collection of the hotel owner’s grandmother. A primitive coconut grater and a turn-of-the century weighing scale adorn also the walls, giving the guests an idea of the typical tools in trade of bygone days. Colorful paintings by the noted artist Solano Cruz also decorate its walls depicting age-old values such as industry, respect for elders, and communion with the Almighty. A 55-inch TV normally features videos of local industry products such as burnay or Vigan jars, ab-abel or loom-woven blankets and placemats, empanada or local taco, bagnet or local lecho kawali. For those interested, downloaded videos from you tube are also shown at regular hours in the evening for guests’
entertainment. The evening is capped with relaxing piano music and popular classical pieces to soothe weary guests coming back from their tours of the city.

Great dishes

Something for everyone

At Casa Marita, we make sure our guests are well fed every morning with free breakfast.

Local Favorite

The famous delicacy

Bagnet and Vigan Longganisa

Try out what we are known for. You really haven’t been to Vigan until you’ve had these two. We also serve empanada for snacks.

Local Favorite

Vigan is also for Vegans.


A local staple, the Poqui-poqui is a dish made of eggplants similar to Baba ganoush. All meals comes with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Something for everyone

Seasonal fruits and Salad

Every free breakfast comes with seasonal fruit and greens.

Perk up with unli refills


A choice of hot chocolate or tea but what could be best than unlimited local brew to start your day?


All meals

Enjoy a taste of Vigan with our local delicacy. Go for the sinfully delectable Bagnet. Savor the distinct taste of local sausage. Down it with unlimited refills of the local brew.

The Vigan Sampler

The traditional delicacy we’re famous for. Bagnet, longganisa and Poqui-poqui

Vigan Logganisa

Sour and garlicky is what makes this breakfast staple distinct


The very versatile Bagnet is used in most of Vigan meals. Its added on soups and vegetable dishes but one of the best way to eat this delicious peace of meat? Deep fried with traditional Ilocos Vinegar or Shrimp sauce with Onions and tomatoes

Continental Breakfast

For a not so heavy meal, one can settle with a traditional continental breakfast.