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Casa Marita was inaugurated on March 23, 2019, two days after the birth date of Marita Amor Aurellado in whose honor the hotel was built. Had Marita been present at this momentous occasion she would have celebrated her 100 th birthday.

The inauguration was highlighted by the unveiling of a marker showing a brief history of the Amor family. A short program was conducted to commemorate the event with Dr. Marion Aurellado-Kwek as emcee. Demetria Costales-Aurellado led the invocation while Eliseo Aurellado, the hotel owner, provided the opening remarks with an introduction of important guests. The spouses Ibrahim M. Nuño and Yasmin were guests of honor who performed the unveiling of the historical marker. A reading of the marker’s inscription was done by Virginia Aurellado-Mendoza while the closing remarks were given by Macrina B. Aurellado, the Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of the hotel.

In her invocation, Ms. Demetria thanked God and all the guests for gracing the occasion. Eliseo mentioned a brief background of the hotel and why he chose to build it in honor of his mother, Marita. Ibrahim congratulated the hotel owners and presented token gifts from Zamboanga City – a kris which is a Muslim symbol of royalty and a lantaka, the iconic short cannon. Ms. Virginia read the inscription on the marker which in part read that the hotel was constructed in honor of Marita, a public school teacher and former principal of Burgos Memorial School and that “Amor Vive Aqui” meaning Amor lives here, a phrase with double meaning, i.e., the Amor clan lived here once upon a time and that Amor, the Spanish word for Love, resides here, symbolic of the affection of the hotel owners for their patrons.

The inauguration followed in the wake of the business permit granted by the local government for the hotel to officially conduct business.

Spouses Ibrahim Nuño and Yasmin (leftmost) unveiled the marker of Casa Marita with hotel owners,
Macrina and Eliseo Aurellado and Virginia Aurellado-Mendoza as witnesses.

Bong Nuño presents Eliseo Aurellado with a token gift.

The marker unveiled.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony by the honored guests, Bong & Yasmin Nuño
assisted by a representative of the Dept. of Tourism and by the hotel owner, Eliseo Aurellado.

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Hotel Owners and spouses, Eliseo and Macrina B. Aurellado had their newly-constructed hotel, CasaMarita in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur blessed on December 8, 2018 at 10:00 A.M. It was occasioned on the feast of the Immaculate Conception and in anticipation of the birth date of Bienvenida Amor who was born on December 11. (Bienvenida Amor is the sister of Marita Amor Aurellado in whose honor the hotel was constructed.) The officiating priest was Msgr. Gary Formoso, the parish priest of Vigan.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was also conducted with three members of the Aurellado clan doing the honors namely Virginia Aurellado-Mendoza, the youngest daughter of Marita Amor Aurellado; Elison Juanito B. Aurellado, the son of the hotel owners and the grandson of Marita; and Phoebe Joy Aurellado Kwek, the oldest daughter of Dr. Marion Aurellado-Kwek who is the youngest daughter of the hotel owners. Thus, the link from the matriarch Marita to her great grand offspring is symbolized by the

A thanksgiving meal followed thereafter at the Comedor of Casa Marita. Casa Marita’s construction was financed by her son, Eliseo as a symbol of filial piety and a memorial to a loving and influential mother.

Virginia Aurellado-Mendoza (center) cuts the ribbon together with Elison B. Aurellado (2 nd from the left, holding his daughter Jolene Elise) and Phoebe Joy Aurellado Kwek (4 th from left) with spouses Macrina and Eliseo, hotel owners, providing assistance.

Vigan parish priest Msgr. Gary Formoso blesses the building and its rooms while hotel owner Eliseo Aurellado looks on.

A thanksgiving meal follows the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the hotel’s dining area.